Rotating / Transdermal Cylinder (USP-6)

The USP 6 rotating cylinder is similar to USP Method 1 (the rotating basket). With USP method 6 however, the basket assembly is replaced by a solid stainless steel cylinder. The transdermal patch is fixed to the outside surface of the cylinder. Transdermal testing is carried out at 32°C to reflect the temperature of the skin.

Other variables such as the height setting and sampling requirements are the same as for USP Method.

Useful for

  • Transdermal patches

  • Standard volume

  • 900 ml

  • Temperature

  • 32°C

  • Advantages

  • Standard apparatus can be used
  • Variable volumes
  • Larger patch sizes can be tested

    Big Transdermal
    Small Transdermal
    Intrinsic Attachment
    Enhancer Cell
    (For Ointment, Suspension & Emulsion)
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